8 best practices for clinic TV

August 11, 2017

8 best practices for clinic TV

Many med and dental practices have TV screens in the reception, in the exam or operatory.  Keep reading to learn the 8 best practices for medical or dental practice TV.  #PracticeTV #MedicalTV #DentalTV #MedicalMarketing #CutTheCord #BusinessTV #BestPractices

#1 best practice Silence competitor commercials – Why are you paying a service provider (#Cable co) to just run ads of your competitors?  The first priority when considering what should be on your screens in your #Practice is to eliminate those #CompetitorCommercials! #2 best practices Use your screen to build #engagement with your customers.  Engagement can be across multiple platforms, #review sites, #SocialMedia, inclusion on your #Email newsletter
#3 best practice;  Screens are communication tools.   Utilize them to talk to your patients on topics related to their well being.  Your time with your patients is limited, enlist your screens to begin the conversation and connection.  #4 best practice – Use motion to maintain engagement with the screen.  Our primitive brains are drawn to motion, use this to your advantage to keep your guests’ attention on your screen. Incorporate subtle animations and video into your campaign  
#5 best practice – Your screens provides a great opportunity begin building trust and confidence of your patients.  This can be through displaying your and your staff bios, discussing difference community action you take, showing patient testimonials #6 best practice - #CutTheCord.  Cable and satellite providers offer many negatives to their services.  SCM is the business answer to cutting the cord and having only the content you want and none of the #content you don’t all at similar pricing to premium cable.  
#7 – best practice – Your screens are a prime location to promote your products and services.  This can be in the format of a standard menu or promotions.  #8 – best practices – When you develop the content on your screens, it is always in link with your brand.  You eliminate the surprised that can arise when using traditional broadcast tv or satellite.    Control the content that is being displayed to your customers 


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