9 reason to convert to digital menus

August 4, 2017

Considering a move from a traditional menu to a digital one? Below you will find the 9 reasons a switch to a digital menu makes sense, whether it is a medispa menu, a brewpub, a coffee house, carwash or foodtruck.

Stats are clear, digital menus helps your business sell more product.  Pair that with
reduced printing expense and for any business using a menu, it is a slam dunk.
This is true of a brewpub, a restaurant, a spa, music venue, coffee house.  Screen
Content Management can reduce the expense and increase your sales with our
managed service for any menu
Whether it’s a great bargain on one of your products, or varying menus for different
times of day, our digital menus flexibility allows changes to happen seamlessly and

Consumers expect information delivered on a screen.  The motion, light, and
visuals attract consumer  attention.  This is the first step in securing the sale and
Screen Content Management makes the implementation of digital menus simple! 

A digital menu can change at the speed of business, which allows you to experiment
with market trends and new products.  This flexibility of digital allows you to test
items and determine their profitability before assigning  to your regular menu.

A digital menu allows you great flexibility in the design.  SCM custom builds
every menu to reflect your brand and values.  This customization provides  the
ability to use movement, video, and imagery that supplements your identity. We
feel your menu should be as unique as your business! 
Digital signs can integrate with other digital technologies.  Whether you would like to
display your guests Instagram photos, talk to inventory control, or your POS system,
digital menus are the appliance to do just that!
Using fresh technology instills confidence.  SCM handles the complicated technology
freeing your time to do what you know best; running your business.
By communicating with your guests in the manner most comfortable to them,
you create greater engagement.
Digital menus are handled expertly with Screen Content Management.  No
more learning new technology, attempting to secure media assets, design the
graphics, or trying to integrate technologies.  SCM handles the process, soup
to nuts, process for digital menus.

Digital signs provide a welcome distraction from wait times, reducing the perceived
time greater than 30%.  The appearance of speedier service is always an advantage!


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