Is broadcast TV killing your business?

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Nearly every business today has installed television screens, no matter the industry. In most cases, the reason a television is installed is to distract the customer from the fact they are waiting. Waiting for their food, waiting for any appointment, waiting for service; which causes anxiety and puts your customers in a clock watching grumpy state of mind. As a default, many businesses will use cable tv, satellite, or over-the-air programming to distract their customers from the wait.

Television stations play upwards of 17 minutes per hour in commercial advertising. These commercials are for everything under the sun including advertising for your competitors and concepts contrary to your brand. Imagine a cardiology patient watching a Carl’s Jr commercial or a customer awaiting service when a competitor ad proudly displays their happy non-waiting customers. Television stations do not allow you to prevent competitor advertising, but Screen Content Management does! With Screen Content Management, your custom channel plays entertainment consistent with your brand and the commercials are replaced with your own ads.

In addition to unwanted commercials, the programming is often contrary to your brand or the atmosphere you would like to develop for your guests. CNN seems a good option, until stories of ISIS or Planned Parenthood controversy are splashed across the screen. The morning talk shows are problematic covering topics that may be distasteful to your customers or blatantly offensive and quickly roll into Maury Povich style “I’m not the father” on-stage brawls. To avoid unwanted programming requires management of what is being played on the TV.  A staff member will become tasked with fielding requests from guests, negotiating differing interests, & keeping the channel tuned to something non-offensive.

DVD Dilemma

In an attempt to avoid the entire mess, a business might opt to streaming movies or DVDs – which carries risk of fines for violation of copyrights as high as $150,000 for business use. When you subscribe to a streaming service or purchase a DVD the license is only for personal use.

Ad Development

Screen Content includes ad development in the package of services. In addition to getting ad development, we can include your existing marketing materials; leveraging that investment you have already made.

Licensed Content

Screen Content Management provides our customers access to licensed content, some of the same content you are paying a cable company for. You can custom craft what content you display so that it is in line with your brand.

Competitor Commercials

Tired of overhearing your competitor commercials playing on the television in YOUR business?  Screen Content Management replaces competitor commercials with YOUR ads. Use the commercial break to request engagement on social media and reviews. Advertise your products and services.

Price Competitive

Screen Content Management is price competitive to premium cable, making cutting the cord a cost saving endeavor in addition to extending your marketing reach.


Screen Content Management is your answer to the content your customers desire along with the marketing message consistent with your brand. Convert a line item expense into your custom television channel, making it a marketing machine that works for your business.


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