Marketing Minute 6 steps to valuable video

May 3, 2016

A little research will turn up the fact that video is the new black.  Video is everywhere, video engages more, video converts more.  That means that as a business owner you can't ignore the power of video.  Video can and should be used in all platforms; in reception, on your website, in key areas of your facility, on your social media.  Continue reading to get 6 tips for creating engaging video

#1 plan

Plan the message you want to deliver in your video.  Determine the platform(s) the video will be distributed through.  Consider the captivity of the audience when determining the length and how technically specific the video should be.  Determine all props, supplies, people that you need to be involved and review over the scripting and messaging you are delivering

#2 Location

Be mindful in selection of your location.  When selecting your location seek one that is uncluttered and is in line with your brand.  That location could be a plain white wall, or in front of your iconic building.  If your city is key in your branding, choose a location that is identifiable (For example, the Vegas sign or your skyline in the back) Take into consideration the pitfalls of your location.  Pitfalls include ambient noise, uncontrollable lighting situations, outside distractions, any permitting required.

#3 Messaging

Draft a messaging that can be communicated with images and supplemented with audio.  Many delivery platforms have videos that are often viewed with the audio off.  Use overlay text to support your messaging and supplement the imagery to tell your story.  Choose 1 or 2 core messages to deliver and include a call to action.  Tell your audience what you want them to do as a result of watching the video

#4 Lighting

Video requires more lighting than still images, to ensure that your video is visually pleasing test your lighting on video, bring in more if necessary.  Lighting will be a significant factor in the aesthetics of your video. 

#5 Casting

Choose someone who is comfortable and communicates well on camera.  This may not be the #1 role within your company, and that is ok.  It could be someone in your sales department, or possibly your receptionist or someone who handles back office tasks but performs in local theatre on the weekends.  If inclusion of your #1 is key to the messaging and that person is not comfortable on camera, consider a small introduction on video and then voiceover for the remainder of the messaging.  Often people are much stronger speaking without video than they are on camera.

#6 Lather, rinse, repeat

Continue producing video.  The more you produce, the quicker the process will be, the more comfortable the talent will be on camera, and your audience will begin to anticipate and expect you to deliver messaging via video.  Experiment with things you find compelling and use some of the techniques you see.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Screen Content Management is here to help, from the planning stages to the execution and post production.  We can help you create a video that delivers your message and can engage your audience, it is more affordable than you think.  Call us today to discuss your video production needs!


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