Photo Video Shoot Prep

A photo / Video shoot can be fun, exhilarating, and exhausting all at the same time.  Your personality and preparation will make the difference so getting ready beforehand is critical.

Get a good night's sleep; if you are not well rested, it will show. 

Do not drink alcohol prior to or during your shoot. It causes the small muscles on the corners of your eye to relax. This causes you to look older and tired; no one wants that!

Tanning, waxing, facials no sooner than 2 days prior to your shoot to ensure that your skin has relaxed back to its normal tone.  Exfoliate one day prior to your shoot - the morning of the shoot do not exfoliate.

Clothing Selection

When selecting clothing for your shoot, choose colors that compliment your skin tone, avoid bright reds & florescent colors.  Texture & large bold patterns reflect well on video.  Fine complicated patterns can be distracting such as hounds tooth check.  If you are unsure of what would look best, feel free to bring a few options, and we will help you select the items.  If you’re appearing with others, coordinate clothing choices.  Whatever level of formality is selected for your shoot, clothing choices should be consistent for all talent.

Carefully look over the clothing to ensure it doesn’t have any pills, pulled fabric or areas of wear.  When packing your bag, be sure to bring complete outfits to include undergarments, shapewear, accessories, & shoes.

All clothing should be cleaned & pressed prior to your arrival, remaining on hangars until shortly before appearing on camera.  On set clothing shouldn’t be worn to travel to the shoot.


During your visit to the barber a few days before your shoot, ask for your eyebrows to be groomed.  If using a wax option for hair removal, be sure it is at least 2 days prior to your shoot.  Trim any extra-long or stray eyebrow hairs.

Nose and Ears

Inspect your nose and use a nose trimmer for unruly tenants.  Carefully look at your ears for any hair in your ear canals and on your lobes or the sill of your ears.  A nose hair trimmer will work to clean up these areas so they are clean shaven and smooth.


If you have a blemish the morning of your shoot, use an ice cube on it for 5 minutes to reduce swelling & kill bacteria.  The process can be used the days leading up to a shoot to speed healing.  Do not use heavy cover up as there may be a make-up artist available at the shoot.  

Hair and Makeup

Wear your hair in a style natural for you and you feel is flattering.  Any hair coloring changes should occur providing enough time to make revisions if that color is not to your satisfaction.

Wear light make up, but be extremely careful and do not wear any makeup that has glitter. Check your powder, and blush closely. Glitter reflects the studio lights and appears on skin as tiny raised whiteheads.  A matte powder without glitter or shimmer is more flattering to skin. Do not use heavy eye makeup or deep colors, fresh faced makeup looks best for professional headshots.

Use a clean soft dry toothbrush in the days leading up to your shoot to exfoliate any loose or dry skin on your lips and keep your lips moisturized with your favorite lip balm.  


If your look is clean shaven, be mindful of using a fresh blade, to get the closest shave the morning of the shoot.  A traditional razor will get a closer shave than an electric.  On the day of the shoot, opt to go old school. Clean the base of your hairline the morning of the shoot as well.

During the shoot, relax, it should be a fun experience


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